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How we help you

We provide education and support to people who feel trapped or disempowered under current government or employment mandates in relation to masks, contact tracing, vaccines and lockdowns.

Whether you are employed or whether you are the business suffering under these current directives, we can help.

Learn about:


There are many different jurisdictions. Depending on the situation, they may or may not apply to you. You can actually choose which jurisdiction to be in.

Constitution & Law

The constitution is our founding document, everything that comes after is subject to it. Learn how it all comes toogether to protect you.

Common law

Do no harm and take responsibility for your actions. Pretty simple really, but how does it apply and how can it help? Learn how to put it into action.

The Political System

Government and politics in Australia has their fingers into every part of our lives. Learn how it is all constructed and how to navigate through it.

Get support for:

Forced vaccines

If you're being forced by your employer (or anyone) to get a Covid "vaccine", we can help.

Being mask free

Whatever your reason for not wanting to wear a mask, we can help you with the right documentation.

Business Owners

If your unsure of your obligations as a business owner in regard to Covid Directions, we can help.

Laws & Navigation

Learn how to set yourself up in this world so that always have the best legal sovereignty and protection.

Be encouraged, there is hope

Get help

You may have heard this a spiritual battle, you many have heard things like – You must know your ‘standing’ or who you are – we may be able to assist you in your journey to true sovereignty.

Right now, times are extremely challenging and most people don’t understand their rights. Increasing your comprehension and learning how to empower yourself is liberating and can bring you a sense of peace and confidence into your life.

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Laws on masks and vaccines

“Justice might be blind but you don't have to be.”

- australian freedom warrior