Australia has changed jurisdiction . From lowest, to highest . Why? Because it can . Because it needed to in this tired, outdated system that fails to deliver Law. Rule of Law. All Are Equal Before The Law . Go here to view the Inaugural Australian Grand Jury 2021. View the writings . Listen to the recordings . 54 mins of orders in last 3 recordings . Become a juror of the first grand Jury . It’s easy . Fill out the form, appear on the gazette . U can be anonymous, since our public servants are so violent . Next Grand Jury is October 21 2021 . Welcome to the Age of Humanitarianism and the 1000 Golden years of peace and prosperity .

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. Matthew 5:5.

Justinian Deception

If you are not familiar with Romley Stewart – it is now time for us all to go back to school – and re learn EVERYTHING.

The Two Births - a must watch..

Treasury Island or What is Australia?


Venues – what are they?

Uncovering More Corruptions

What is out Identity?

1. GOD or THEOCRACY where GOD rules.
2. MAN or DEMOCRACY where People rule.
3. PARLIAMENT or BUREAUCRACY where Officials rule.
4. CORPORATIONS where these entities rule nothing.
So that the World may be ruled by Officials, it is necessary to eliminate Levels 1 and 2 in the psyche of Man, with orchestrated, insidious and determined programs of propaganda and prohibition. The “evil counsellors, judges and ministers”, described in the Bill of Rights 1688, are once again systematically undermining and eliminating the laws and the liberties of the People.
The Media and the Schools are playing their parts in these programs of disinformation and mischief to mislead us and our children by devaluing morals and crushing our ability to be free and sovereign human beings.
In the USA, many have been duped into surrendering Sovereignty to their elected representatives under the illusion of having a “Republic”, ie: they have been drawn into believing that Acts of Parliament overrule their own Common Law. In Courts, “evil counsellors and judges” reinforce this deception by proclaiming categorically that, “Statute Law overrules Common Law” …. in other words that,
“Level 3 Law overrules Level 2 Law”.
Our Courts are where we must fight to protect and preserve our Rights. The “evil counsellors and judges” have no intention of honoring their Oaths of Office, which is to “well and truly serve” the Queen (ordained by Coronation) and to “do right to all manner of people”, but are totally embroiling in the Drive for a New World Order. It is their role to eliminate Level 1 and Level 2 Sovereignty and have themselves, as Level 3 persons, with power over us. By relegating People to Level 4 impotence, by invoking their Level 3 Admiralty/Commercial Law in our Courts, the legal piranhas wreak their destruction.
We must never forget that GOD has given us this Level 2 Jurisdiction….this gift of Service. If we deny this gift, or say that this gift is not important, we are actually insulting and disobeying GOD.
If we are going to love GOD and love our neighbors’ as ourselves, we have no choice but to fight the Forces of Evil because “the only way for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing” (Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797).
In this game of commerce
you are expected to be a
Merchant at Law,
who is an expert in paper instruments.
‪You were born into a world without any lawful money in circulation, backed by anything of value, your realm now sits administered by a ‬domestic foreign Crown to top it off ‪the government is essentially bankrupt. ‬
‪Thus revenue is required, this is why the establishment has us rebadged a newborn baby’s status into the child birthed person, citizen and resident that has enjoined to become their asset of our society. ‬
Upon the registration of of your live birth record, the BC being the presumptive claim receipt to the deposit of your inalienable rights.
‪The name of the Title, deed is the name of a fictitious person and the property in your person is held in trust.
Your personal property rights have been securitised and these securities have been used as collateral to borrow funds by the Commonwealth and the birth state‬s creation of a trust, in that all caps name, which is the deposit of the weight of the self life supporting living newborn child.
It’s that of your twin which was also delivered at the termination of the pregnancy,
when you were born as a self life supporting organic being you also shared your DNA (placenta) into the ward status, Essentially that is seperate to the salvage of the dead legal fictional biological material once discarded is also salvaged and becomes a secured interest and property of the state.
The hospital
within the military order (Knights Hospitalers or Knights of St. John of Jerusalem)
‪The real commercial value lies in the control over the lifetime use of the individuals acceptance to being a person from a man or woman.‬
‪ The physical form of the newborn may grow into adulthood though his status is that which is subject to the privileges of a person indoctrinated away from the rights and standing (as a man is the highest rank or title)‬
‪there is a hierarchy that goes something like this: God created man, man created government, government created states, states created laws and so on. ‬
‪In this system you can see that whatever is created cannot be superior to the creator, so the only way that government or their man made laws can have authority over you, is by your consent.‬
‪Government created the Strawman, which is why it claims authority over you and the legal fiction “person” they created. ‬
‪The entity is not the same thing as a living being life force or soul, within the body of a man or woman.‬
‪The terms they will always use when referring to the person are Defendant and Debtor. ‬
‪Remember you are the Principal Creditor, so you don’t want to be seen “appearing” as the Defendant or Debtor.‬
‪Summons To Debtor‬
‪Criminal Law (Sentencing) Act – Section 66.‬
The Hospital in which you were born to.
Charged by the informer (information that he provided upon the application of registration of BC) your father of your arrival bonding you as a person citizen to the STATE of the NAME status to which we adhere to throughout our lives.
Remember always
You were born “entitled”.
You are the controller of your “Estate” and therefore the legal “person” is your rightful property, with all rights and entitlements possessed by YOU, as a Granter, not a Debtor, to the State.
Your worth your weight in gold remember your birth weight is backed up in trust as an asset for your benefits
I’m not 100% on this next paragraph it needs to be looked into more,
This may be funded through the IMF,
I believe ( International Monetary Fund) as the initial deposit to the creation of a unit trust (estate) from birth to the age of 7 ( Here’s how the story goes: Every seven years, we become essentially renewed because in that time the body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells ie. every cell in your body has been replaced by a new cell.
There used to be a path to maximum remedy and maximum cure but some people fucked it up.
if you have not claimed your living life status or taken control of your person the gov will manage it for you and utilise it’s revenue it’s self.
you cant own property in the name of your true person as you don’t have the benefit of the property in your own person, your person is a shareholder of the business trust COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA ‬
by the age of 7 as you have not done this because it’s not something the government wants us to know. So if your not actively managing your affairs properly they see this as you have abandoned Your status essentially your estate claim is salvaged, Formally known as Cestui Que Vie.
The Cestui Que expires at the age of 25, full age under civil law but possession remains with
Which is managing your affairs usufructlly and getting payed a lot of the dividends to do this.
By the time you reach the age of majority your status as a citizen brings you to compulsory enrolment to vote through state and federal elections (your obliged).
As you are also un/employed, citizen a constituent member of the political jurisdiction of the COMMONWEALTH body politic tax payer and its subdivisions of THE CITY OF ——— in THE Subdivision of your CITY your person is it’s asset.
A difference between the Cestui Que Trust and the Cestui Que Vie dont use the terms, there is no such thing as the Cestui Que Vie Trust.
Note the various name changes and derivatives of our given and family name switch from, initials and capitalisation, abbreviations and all caps, over time from our childhood to youth and into adulthood until we become an in-valid. These changes are because as we mature the trusts that have been created around us have different periods where they make claims then collect dividends 3months when we are children, 6 months and 9months periods as we get older we become less valuable to the STATE the periods can be seen during delay times like an Adjournment in court.
Which in court I believe are bail bonds, or either Signature Bonds unsecured bonds, similar to a promissory note, usually signed by a responsible guarantor or third party.
They also have secure insurance bonds that the courts collect from these trusts through the court registrar.
After all, the court is really just a Bank in disguise, and it’s all about revenue. Re-Venue means to change place, or to change position just as Re-Source is the taking away or returning what is yours.
As you can see it’s only money they are interested in, not justice or truth.‬
We cannot use these trusts as our own cash tap though I believe that we can receive a dividend once we can show our ability to be an active participant and self govern your life and manage your own estate.
Still looking into this.
maximum remedy or maximum cure we can not take what we do not own though we should still be able to receive a dividend from the share holdings of the unit trust.
A Unit Trust holds assets or is used to trade through.
An Australian Unit Trust is a cross between a Family Discretionary Trust and a company.
Still working to understand this if any one else knows.
Please comment.
In a Family Discretionary Trust the Trustee holds the assets for the Beneficiary.
So too the Unit Trusts’ Trustee holds the assets for the benefit of the Unit Holders though it is registered in the District of Columbia as an asset of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA.
This is associated to the AUSTRALIA which is the 200 Nautical miles of ocean that surrounds our coastline. Not the Continental Main Land, which is our actual Commonwealth of Australia, This government are trespassers from a foreign administration.
The licence we received then claim to only be travellers shows that we don’t practice road safety rules that we have bound ourselves to, by obtaining a licence, and claiming to be a traveller is unwise. As a licence contradicts that.
Your better off never having a licence at all, then to say your a traveller is not a false claim as your not incriminating your self as the person.
Simply once you have filed an application to then be approved to drive ( drivers license) you have made things slit more difficult for your man woman status, a licence is to be granted privileges of a permit which is the adhesive to the liability of knowing the rules as your person has created another trust as a licensed driver not a traveller , now you have another layer added to your identity in commerce
here is no Law that evidences a Man or living soul is required to be licensed in order to travel or journey Privately in his Private Automobile as long as he is not paid to do so & thus is not in Commerce or operating Commercially
By virtue of attaining a DRIVERS licence , when We became the legal age does subject our standing from that of a living soul to a chattel (SLAVE) another layer of our ward of the STATE status.
The hidden agenda in the un-shown terms & conditions was on the premise that we would obey the Private Road Rules on the Private Roads of the Private Corporation that have a monopoly on The Kings Highways, that should forever be Public roads according to the English Statute of Monopolies Act 1623
It would seem That social belief that we are shaped and indoctrination create a status quo that it is encouraged that we follow suit, that it’s all is a part of our development as we mature in our lives and strive to become responsible citizens, to;
1. get our licenses, (is to give up the right to travel, to ask for permission to drive provided you have full knowledge in and obey the rules, holds liabilities, if you never get your license, then how can they impose any rules or laws upon you that your not contracted to or have a liability for. 
You cannot loose a licence if you never had one in the first place)
2. get employment, (The relationship between master and servant, Black’s Law Dictionary)
3. enrol to vote,
4. register your car, (paying to gift the asset to the state)
5. Open bank account, (debtor)
6. Buy a Home (Tennent, death pledge)
7. get married, (union of state into your relationship)
8. register your children, (repeat the whole process of social shaping again)
9. pay insurance, (it’s cover not insurance)
There’s many more layers that make up for what is our IDENTITY and you will find that in the end the state owns it!
Unknowingly when we achieve each one of these has its own set of rules placing liabilities upon you, gives entitlements to government may have voluntarily contracted our liberty away.
They have created such a goose chase to keep us occupied, to waste our time, confuse us from our own development and expression of self determination.
We are what we believe we are, though the system will have every thing in its power to contradict tha

The Birth Certificate Fraud

God gave man dominion over the earth. Mankind has been swindled out of his Birthright by the means described in these videos-see all l the ones related to the Birth Certificate. This guy id bang on. The first video here may be a bit confusing, but later the fraudsters are identified: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oO5qj0Edrs once you have seen that, see this one, by the same guy, who is a muso fro\m Cairns, FNQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isx44nK-80Y People say: “Do your own research.” Well, yes, but this is probably all the research you need to do. See also the Sold Out video-and probably everything else there.