Australia has changed jurisdiction . From lowest, to highest . Why? Because it can . Because it needed to in this tired, outdated system that fails to deliver Law. Rule of Law. All Are Equal Before The Law . Go here to view the Inaugural Australian Grand Jury 2021. View the writings . Listen to the recordings . 54 mins of orders in last 3 recordings . Become a juror of the first grand Jury . It’s easy . Fill out the form, appear on the gazette . U can be anonymous, since our public servants are so violent . Next Grand Jury is October 21 2021 . Welcome to the Age of Humanitarianism and the 1000 Golden years of peace and prosperity .

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. Matthew 5:5.

Justinian Deception

If you are not familiar with Romley Stewart – it is now time for us all to go back to school – and re learn EVERYTHING.

The Two Births - a must watch..

Treasury Island or What is Australia?


Venues – what are they?

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