Public Defender

Federal postmaster - federal witness

Public Jurisdiction

This is the current jurisdiction imposing its legislation, directives and mandates, they even wrote their own constitution to suit their greedy private corporate needs, this is the blue corporate flag and not the flag of Australia. We have been foreign occupied since 1908 – January 26 is the day they took over.

Private Person

By changing your status on your estate from debtor to creditor – there are several ways of going about this.

As private person you decided what happens to you – legislations and legal does not apply to living men and women..


You take a claim of life and file it with the Postmaster General of our world : Russel-Jay: Gould and become postmaster of your own vessel, taking a claim of life collapses the birth certificate bondage. For more information go to the Postmaster page. 

Your Trust

When you are birthed your placenta is your live birth registration then your parents unwittingly fill out a birth certificate – depending on what your parents do – you are given a value based on how much tax you will pay in your entire life and its entered onto the stock market where it continues to trade. You are debtor on the trust or estate. Listen to Two Births on the Jurisdiction page.

The Common Law

The common law was established when several judges travelled around England deciding what the common law was and this is based on the King James Bible 1611 – this is not a religious book but rather a book of rules and Rule of Law is Gods Law.

Common Law

Common Law is pre dated to 400BC Donald the Brave and do no harm, maintain contracts, it still sits under the umbrella of the vatican control. Australia operates under trust law not common law.

You would be wise to learn your KJV 1611 Bible. The Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

Continental Mainland Naturalised Australian

Under the Partnership Act 1890, under the Red ENSIGN flag, whom our ANZACS fought and died for you are a Naturalised Subject. Our true Australia day is the last Friday in July.

A Citizen

The 1948 Citizenship Act was created to trick everyone, they deported you under the Sea and Submerged Land Act and re imported you as ‘citizens’ so you unknowingly gave up all of your rights to the private corporation, the only people who can vote are the 15 members of the only political party Liberal.

All elections are rigged and they have been committing election writ fraud since 1986.

"This lot are making Stalin look like an amateur"

David J. Walters

"If Australia has crossed the democracy line they have done a double back flip and shot double birds in the sky"

I. Bonnacci

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