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Filing on the UCC changes your status from debtor to creditor, it requires a security agreement, a private agreement, a hold harm loss indemnity, and copyright. It costs for each filing around $35US


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A sovereign man/woman lives in their “private capacity” possessing unalienable rights and properties. They may volunteer to act in a “public capacity” granted revocable privileges and benefits which are the mere civil rights of an artificial legal person.

Governments incorporate (form) artificial legal persons of many kinds by registration, presuming a franchise benefit to the State’s legal society. Legal persons include: citizen, resident, inhabitant, driver, individual, taxpayer, employee, voter, and owner. They are servants, transmitting utilities, debtors, decedents, or incompetent wards of the State.

INCORPORATION transfers ANYTHING from the sovereign national “Law of the Land” (Common Law Jurisdiction) into the foreign international “Law of the Sea” (Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction).

Whenever people act in a “public capacity” as “public servants” they are accountable to the State if they fail to perform their role as contracted.

Whenever people live in their “private capacity” as “private sovereigns” they are accountable in Common Law if they cause harm to any living soul.

If you “act” in the “role” of a “legal person”, you are crossing the line into the lower world of the legally dead, surrendering your unalienable rights as a living soul.



When you are born (given life), a “Record of Live Birth” is “recorded” as testimony of your Life, which is your private Estate.

The Australian equivalent is a “Registration of Living Birth”. It is your Affidavit of Life, with details that identify your living standing holding private properties. It records your “given name” as a unique “Title”, i.e. John, to your Estate. Your Estate is the “land” (real estate), or property, of your mind, body, and soul, and all the physical and intellectual property that derives from your living energy, including your inborn unalienable rights. Your Mother’s autograph is her testimony of your Estate (an Estate must come before a Trust). In Common Law (the Law of the “Land”), your Mother and the State are automatically Trustees in an “expressed” Sovereign Trust with you as the Beneficiary. You are the holder in “expectancy” (“Holder in Due Course”) of your Estate, which will descend to you as of right when you attain the “age of majority” .

Soon, your parents are told that you “must” be “registered”. They are under no such lawful obligation, but the State is insistent for reasons undisclosed. According to Ecclesiastical Law an Estate can only be held in Trust by a man. But your Mother was asked for her maiden name, constituting “Maternity”. [MATERNITY. It is either legitimate or natural. The former is the condition of the mother who has given birth to legitimate children, while the latter is the condition of her who has given birth to illegitimate children. Maternity is always certain, while the paternity (q.v.) is only presumed. – Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 Ed.] Therefore, all naturally born children are illegitimate (bastards) with uncertain fatherhood, having no paternal holder of their Estate. When registering, an “Informant” (unknowingly) makes an accusation as to your illegitimacy. [INFORMANT. A person who informs or prefers an accusation against another. – Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed.] The Status of Children Act 1969, 2. says ‘For the purposes of this Act marriage includes a void marriage’. So you are legally a bastard without rights. [BASTARD. 4. Considered as nullius filius, a bastard has no inheritable blood in him, and therefore no estate can descend to him. – Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 Ed.] Moreover, your “given name” (Title) is recorded in the “still-born” column. [A stillborn child is one … incapable of living … if they do not in fact survive so long as to rebut this presumption of law, they cannot inherit. – Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed.] The State can now legally claim your Estate, making you a “Ward of the State” in an “estates for life” Foreign Situs Trust. [ESTATE. 9.-2. The estates for life created by operation of law are … 4th. Jointure. … The estate for life is somewhat similar to the usufruct of the civil law. – Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 Ed.] “Jointure” (joinder) is similar to “usufruct” (right to derive income from property of another).

The Record of Live Birth is used to issue a Birth Certificate Bond, certifying that a property “Title” is registered as a Security. It is like a Warehouse Receipt for the baby, the delivered goods. [WAREHOUSE RECEIPT. A warehouse receipt, which is considered a document of title, may be a negotiable instrument used for financing with inventory as security. – Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th Edition]. At the same time, your “given name” and family name have been registered as a tradename. Only corporations have a “last name”. An artificial legal “person” has been issued by the State as a franchise child of the parent corporation.

The Bond is sold to the World Bank (Bank for International Settlements, created in 1931 by the Vatican) as Settlor of the Trust. Your value to society is calculated using actuarial tables. Your Bond becomes a registered Security, which the Treasury uses as Surety for Treasury securities such as Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills.

So you have been monetized. The people truly are the “Credit of the Nation”. However, in the corrupted system, the people’s credit is effectively “human capital”, or “livestock”.

Although the State can seize the baby as a “Ward of the State” if the State’s “investment” is threatened, its greatest value is realized from the “matured” working adult. The perpetrators of this deception know that you could one day discover the truth and invoke your Power of Attorney from the age of 18. Property Law Act 2007, Section 22.(1) ‘Person between 18 and 20 years may do certain things, … (c) accept appointment, or act, as an attorney, 22.(2) … has the same effect as if the person were 20 years old.’ In short, you can attain the age of majority (20) by declaring your own Power of Attorney from the age of 18. But if they can somehow “kill” you off, again, legally speaking, they can continue to hold your “deceased Estate” Titles: real property (lands), personal property (life), and spiritual property (soul).

When you reach full legal age under the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction, which is the “Law of the Sea”, you become eligible to “register” your Estate as a “vessel” navigating on the “sea of commerce” with you as the Master (Mr/Mrs/Ms). Your “vessel” will have a legal “person” NAME such as MS JANE DOE, and as the Master you will be the liable “owner”, while the State retains the “Equitable Title” (Beneficiary) as the Registrar.

You will probably “voluntarily” forfeit your Estate. You may start work and register as a “taxpayer”, or you may enroll as a “voter” on a voting register. If you decide not to register, you have “gone to sea”, and if you are missing for seven years you are declared legally dead. The same process is applied to ships and mariners lost at sea. To avoid court proceedings, the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, simply declared that everyone is dead after an absence of seven years, unless they return to claim their Estate. After seven years, you “died” without a will “Intestate”, so someone is appointed to manage your Estate/Trust. The Public Trust applies to the Family Court to manage your Estate under the ‘Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988, Section 11. Form PPPR 6 Application for order to administer property’.

Under the first Sovereign Trust established by your Mother, you are the “Holder in Due Course” of your Estate, and a future Creditor. As a private man/woman, you are the Beneficiary/Executor(rix) of your Common Law Estate Trust, and all oath-bound officials are your Public Trustees. But under the new Foreign Situs Trust, the State gains the “Equitable Title” (Beneficiary) to your Estate, while the legal “person” has the “Legal Title” (Trustee). The Trustee is liable, and the legal “person” is a Debtor. Any man/woman who mistakenly takes responsibility for the legal “person” NAME and its debts steps into the role of the liable Trustee, as “surety” for the indebted State. The State has turned the tables on you.

The People, by registration (legalisation), are employed by the State as debtors for a private banking cartel, which is upheld by a private Bar Association Guild (Law Society). While “acting” in the legal fiction “role” of your corporatised NAME, you will receive endless presentments (bills), which that employee of the State, the legal “person” (Strawman) is obliged to settle.

But the theft of your Estate is based on false presumptions that cannot be proven in fact. The fundamental flaw is that in order for a Birth Certificate to be issued, a man or woman must first have been born on the land. Plainly, you are not really dead, so you are still the living “Holder in Due Course” of YOUR Estate Title. Under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, IV ‘If the supposed dead Man proves to be alive, then the Title is revested.’

Men are Executors, Women who are unmarried are Executrix. Married women’s estate belongs to their husband.

Remember that only you have a “birthday” on which you were born into the world from your Mother. Whereas the artificial legal “person” has a “date of birth” on which it was registered by the Registrar. These two events usually have different dates! (see your Registration Print-out)

Maxim of Law:
He who fails to assert his rights has none.

Public vs private

“As the Director and Beneficiary of my legal person/corporation/trust, I give you 21 days to respond in writing providing proof of claim with evidence as to your legal or lawful jurisdiction over me, failing which you will become liable for any damages I may suffer.”


Every living woman and man and is born “in the private”. The State, or your location, where the government exists, all the people that work for them – are called Public Servants they are referred to as being “in the public’ arena or venue – everyone including all legal fiction creations are ‘in the public’ this also includes a ‘person’.
A man or woman can either “live” “in the private”, or “act” “in the public”. However …

We are trained from an early age to accept a higher authority as normal. Most people exist in a culture of submission and conformity, allowing numerous aspects of their lives to be controlled by the Government. The populace is manipulated to become dependent (debt-money), and conditioned to become fearful (racism, terrorism, and wars). The manner and appearance of “authority” is usually intimidating by design, while the language of legal fiction commerce (Legalese) is deceptive.

There is an existence hierarchy –


( Angelic Beings – Humanity – Animals – Plants – Minerals )









You are indoctrinated to “act” in the “role” of an artificial legal “person”, which is a creation of the State and a debtor serving as “surety” for the corporate debt of Commonwealth of Australia INC.

  • international treaties and conventions
  • the constitution
  • federal law
  • statutes
  • decrees
  • regulations

Every nation with a Central Bank under the Bank for International Settlements has been indebted by the “incorporation” of its government into the debt-money system, thereby surrendering its power of sovereign money issuance.

A global system of debt-bondage has been established by “incorporating” governments,
and by programming the people to “act” in the fictional “roles” of “artificial persons”,
which as legal fictions having no innate productive capacity, are debtors by default,
serving as “transmitting utilities” for human energy.

An artificial legal “person” is a dead entity. It is a legal fiction “persona” in the “theatre of commerce”, and it is under the foreign Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction, the international “Law of the Sea”. On the contrary, you are born into your own sovereign Estate of body, mind, and soul. As a sentient man or woman you live within the sovereign Common Law Jurisdiction, the national “Law of the Land”.

The “Common Law” follows “Natural Law”, a living system of “right or justice” held to be common to all humans and derived from Nature rather than from the rules of society. In “Natural Law”, all people are born equal and endowed with unalienable rights.

Your sovereign jurisdiction, including your inborn unalienable rights, cannot be taken from you without your fully informed and willing consent.

Legal “person” “actors” for incorporated governments, banks, and all corporate entities, need to contract with other legal “person” “actors” to extract their “commercial energy”.

These legal “actors” make the PRESUMPTION that you are also “acting” in the “role” of a legal “person” in “legal fiction” commerce, which is why they are seeking a contract “performance”. They ALWAYS want the NAME and often the creation date of the legal “person” to establish “joinder”, forming an “adhesion contract”. They NEED A “PERSON”, because there is absolutely no way they can contract directly with a living man or woman. They need a man or woman to CONSENT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IN THE MATTER OF THE “PERSON”, unknowingly or knowingly, which is JOINDER.

In this way, a man or woman becomes party to the action involving the “person”, which is “joinder” of the parties into a single case in legal fiction commerce.

When a living name is “mirrored” by the registration of an artificial legal “person” on the Birth Certificate an Estate Trust is formed, such as MS. JANE DOE TRUST. Any living man or woman unknowingly in JOINDER to such a legal fiction NAME blindly takes responsibility for the alleged debts of the Trust as its Trustee. Whereas an aware living man or woman can separate themselves from the legal fiction NAME and become the rightful controlling Agent, Beneficiary, Executor/Executrix for MS. JANE DOE TRUST.

Legal “actors” will attempt to engage the “person” by posting letters, by phone, or on the highway, to make and enforce a contract. Misrepresenting a living man or woman as a fictional “person” causing unwitting “joinder” is the crime of “personage”, and it is perpetuated by “barratry”, the crime of bringing false claims in court. The term “barratry”, appropriately, comes from the “Bar Association”.

Under the Common Law Jurisdiction (Law of the Land), both parties must enter into every contract “knowingly”, “voluntarily”, and “intentionally”, or the contract is unenforceable and void.

However, under the Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction (Law of the Sea), consent to contract is often presumed by silent acquiescence, unless the party contracted thereby rebuts the presumption of consent.

If you do not wish to consent to their contract offer (presentment), you must  REBUT THE PRESUMPTION  that you are “acting” in the “role” of a fictional legal “person”.

Maxim of Law:
Quid fas non veritas est. Legality is not Reality.
The first step is to separate yourself from the legal fiction. If you answer to the artificial legal “person” NAME, you contract by “joinder” to become a liable debtor. However, if you “stand” truthfully as a “man” or “woman”, not “acting” as an artificial legal “person”, the two are separated.

Because of years of conditioning, it takes time to separate the legal fiction from reality, in your mind and in the real world. A powerful and lawful approach is simply to verify everything.

You are never obliged to answer questions or to provide government issued ID. Truly, to uphold your government of the People, it is not your duty to answer questions, it is your duty to ask questions. You have the Right to know who is making a claim against you, the Right to know who the injured party is, the Right to conditionally accept any claim against you upon verification, the Right to reserve your rights without prejudice, and thereafter the Right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination.

By failing to exercise their Rights, the People have been betrayed, and have allowed their governance to be turned against them, so that the People have been “monetized”. The original offices of de jure unincorporated government institutions have been usurped, and are mostly unoccupied by de jure public servants working for the People in a de jure public capacity. The “public” State has been captured by financial piracy, and has become a commercial enterprise, operating by contract under the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction (Law Merchant), in the international Law of the Sea.

The following definitions apply to the de facto incorporated State, in which the agencies of government, and all artificial legal “persons”, are merely corporate franchises.

Private: To be “in the private” is to “live” in a “private capacity” as a Man or Woman, with flesh and blood, arms and legs, a conscious mind, a spirit, and Life. All Men and Women are created as equal Sovereigns, endowed with Unalienable Rights and Properties, including Credit equating to their valuable human energy. As natural Men and Women, they are Creditors, because they are born naturally with innate productive capacities. Their right to contract is Unlimited, and they have unlimited liability, being responsible adults. They are outside and above the State. From Latin privatus “set apart, belonging to oneself (not to the state)”.

Public: To be “in the public” is to “act” in a “public capacity” as an “accommodation party” in “joinder” to an “artificial person” created and governed by the State. All Men and Women who “act” in legal fiction “roles” for the State are granted revocable Privileges and Benefits prescribed in legislative “Acts”. As Artificial Persons, they are Debtors, because they are created legally without innate productive capacities. Their right to contract is Limited, and they have limited liability, being legally incompetent “creatures of the State”, its legal children. They are inside and under the State. From Latin publicus “of the people; of the state; done for the state”.


Cestui Que Vie 1666

Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 for the dead :Live-Life-Claim for the living

[” We are all born equal and sovereign with dominion over the Earth. Then our parents were forced to registered what is properly their’s, their offspring ( what is right and proper to them ) to the State.  The informant(s)( informants report criminal activity ) Informed the Registrar that a live baby has arrived, in effect giving their offspring away to the State ( baby becomes a ward of the state – born in a foundling hospital ) and a new Vessel (i) was docked ( birthed & documented ) on that date (iii) ( That date is your real birth date – Maritime term ) of registration. This was when your proper given Christian name(s) and the add-on which is your Lineage ( not part of your name as your birth certificate shows ) was converted to an all caps name, which is now their creation and their copyright ( your birth certificate is Crown Copyright ergo the birth certificate is not yours and neither is the upper case name ) the crime of ( Personage ) When this “Vessel” or “Person” ( we are all vessels ) comes of age their Estate will be salvaged because they are assumed to be dead and lost at sea and the Captain (ii) is missing. The Captain of the vessel has not informed them that he or she is back on the land alive and well by making a ( Live-Life-Claim )  the Law of Merchant – Those are the facts as I understand them. “]

[” You now have to do the necessary research and educate yourself on the truth – ignorance of the law is no excuse. They know (wo)man will not read these statutes, as these documents are very difficult to understand, they are very convoluted, spread about with references to other documents so as to make you give up. If you have persevered and actually read these statutes you should have noticed that they only apply to this magical “Person”, this mysterious non-entity which I believe is known as the birth certificate, that has to obey these statutes, these rules of society given the force of law by the governed, the thing is, are you a “PERSON? that piece of paper, or are you a living man or woman – you have to decide! if you are happy with voluntary servitude and want to spend the rest of your existence paying for a fictional debt that’s not yours, then be my guest, or you are you a real live (wo)man with all of your rights intact? “]

[” Here is the statute Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 not many of us would have read this legislation, they know that because they know man very well and rely on us not reading and comprehending what we are reading. They know our level of comprehension is low after all they are the architects of the school system also. “]

Canon Law

Uniform Commercial Code

UCC-20140730 a 73 page UCC Redemption Document 

Foreign Agent Registration