What does being in the Public mean?

When we refer to the word pubic we mean this jurisdiction, these ‘laws’ or legislation, directives, and  mandates the one you are birthed into via the birth certificate bond slavery system. You are a citizen a person a driver a Mr a Mrs Miss a child these are all words that trap you in language into the legal not lawful which applies to living men and women.

Current Legislation of topic

For any legislation for as far back as when laws were made for  Australia is a site called Documenting Democracy. Search by state, take a look at your own states Constitution – Queen Victoria established the royal seals of the land to each state not the Commonwealth.

Federal Legislation is up on www..legislation.gov.au and for each state its www.legislation.sa.gov.au  just place state before the gov.au

All Will be Held Accountable....

Prime Minister Morrison is an international disgrace and it is alleged he is a 33rd Degree Freemason. That is not for me to know, however he should be asked.

Under S 71A Judiciary Act 1903 the Attorney General has a plenary power to indict. A video was produced mocking these words, interspersed with clips from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane showing shameful Police Brutality.


Peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with international law. Respect for the sovereignty and independence of all states. Open markets that facilitate the free flow of trade, capital and ideas. Freedom of faith, freedom of expression. Respect for human rights, and combatting disadvantage, discrimination and persecution based on disability, gender, religion, sexuality, age, race or ethnicity. 

These are the liberal democratic values which underpinned the UN at its inception. These are Australia’s values. We believe they should remain the guiding principles and values for the UN into the future.

The alternate path of lowest common denominator transactionalism and relativism is a dead end.”

Prime Minister Morrison made us a laughing stock worldwide. We are cited as worse than Communist China.

Clive Palmer is stalking you again. If he has as I believe he must have, those videos ridiculing Australia they will be on Prime Time next election all day. Daniel Andrews is threatening to starve us into taking the jab. The National Cabinet must be indicted. One has resigned amid bribery allegations.

When these and others and there are hundreds saying the same, are played the Liberal Party will be lucky to have one member in the Parliament of the Commonwealth. Mr Palmer has the money to ensure your destruction.