Inaugural Grand Jury

Announcing a

Change of Jurisdiction on Southern Equinox 

September 23 – 2021

Canberra time 5.20am

Rule of Law – All are Equal before the Law – 400 years old  Please report any unlawful actions, harm, loss or damage up on the From A where it will be placed on a Public Gazette and held for account via the Australia Trials, similar to that of the Nuremburg Trials. These reports can be as mundane as a shop insisting you suffocate yourself to enter their store or having the police called on you for not QR coding into a store. Isn’t it interesting to observe the many people that insist on following draconian laws by policing whether you give your private details and wear something over your face – prior to this if you wore a mask to enter a store they feared they were being robbed and insisted you take it off !!! You must laugh at this point or surely lose your mind.

Australia Trials 2021

Links for New Jurisdiction

Mortgage and Banking

Secret Bankers Manual TopSecretBanker’sManual(1)

Also Contact the Australian Independent Financial Authority – they are an independent from quazi governments and banks – 

Bill Heffernan Order

The Inaugural Grand Jury – writing on orange to make things easier to find, section 81 pages 15-25 and the recording of the hearing is in section 9 pages 22-24 #3

Immunisation - removal for private medical records

PDF immunisation form to fill out and send in to stop your medical records joining the public domain via my gov account


According to the Constitution 100,000 MY WILL LETTERS trigger a referendum. For many years these letters have been filled out and sent to a holding GPO box and we are close to the that amount, however this last year with an unannounced war undeclared to the people an updated version. now exists, the last my will letter was just one page this one is nearly 13.

Documents of Help

Rod Cullleton FIO for each state.

More Ammunition for you ......

Massive dump of info for Queen'sLand