Being of Service

Energetic Exchanges

My story

I completed a double degree in Law and Politics in 1998 from Flinders University South Australia, I did a placement in parliament and worked for the government department in procurement. 

Needless to say i have spent the last 30 plus years being a Movement Therapist in 3 separate continents. !!!!

This last year I have put my ‘law-hat’ back on and have learned more in each day that i did in whole terms of university. 

Hakora Hunt


We have all been a bit 'asleep at the wheel' for the last 20 years, and while we were warned about pending doom we all ignored such crazy conspiracy theories. Now is the time to take back your personal power by comprehending the matrix upon which we were all born.

Rule of Law

We have for the last 800 years been born into guardianship and owned by the Vatican, 1302 Unum Sanctum declared us all infantile and not of sound mind and so they have managed our estates. Now is the time we do the work in how to manage and be executors of our estate and be of sound mind. Rule of Law - We are ALL equal before the law.

Teaching you to navigate your vessel.

Hakora Hunt