Everything you have been told is a lie........

I plan to fill this page with history, stories, dreamings, documents that have gone missing – so just for now ill add a few videos for you to watch.

Baiamie - Creator of All Things

Inside the creation cave in the souther region of the Hunter Valley – 7 tribes would meet each year at Wolloombi

Lightning coming out of the elders hand

Truly connected to the spirit world.

Japuljarri - Donovan high court interpretor

Ancient Aliens

Skulls Discovered in Australia !!

Australia's Stonehenge

Steve and Evan Strong have changed what we know as our human history !!!

Steve’s website 

Read Amazing stories about our original people

The real treatment of our indigenous people

Parliamentary Review 

Over View of Indigenous Affairs 1901 – 1991 Aboriginal-timeline-FINAL-updated-25-July-2018

By the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland – a brief history in Queensland  

Queensland Human Rights